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OCOSA Network Outage on 8/14

Hello OCOSA Family,

I am sure many of you were wondering what happened and what was going on 8/14. We typically do not take this long to provide an explanation for any major service outages but this one was very intense and we are still providing damage control where it is needed.

We experienced one of the most severe network outages in the history of our company. The root cause of the outage can be attributed to DDoS attack directed at two a customers of our subsidiary CubixCloud, LLC and failure to properly maintain redundant upstream connections specifically during the attack. Due to the nature and size of the attack, it affected our long term peering relationship with now a former peer and backup upstream. This overall attack as cost us a significant amount of business. As result of this service outage it has provided us more determination needed to address issues within our network, policies and criteria for joining the OCOSA family.

As a result of the service outage on 8/14 some customers chose to use that as deciding factor to vacate OCOSA as a hosting provider. We are deeply saddened by their decision; however, we’ve always been about building professional loyal relationships and providing the best service possible for all of our customers. We will not let the loss of customers discourage us from our objective; continued customer satisfaction.

In the next coming weeks we will be exercising our maintenance windows quite a bit for network and overall infrastructure improvement. During the maintenance windows it is our goal to minimize downtime as much as possible and supersede the suggested time window allotted. Should we fail to meet the time window allotted, we ask that you please be patient as these configuration changes and upgrades contribute to the apparatus of our network as a whole and are much needed. We will remain proactive in our notifications concerning any maintenance as much as we can.

On behalf our company, I would like to apologize for any inconvenience this service outage might have caused you and your business. Things do happen but we would rather be judged on how well we handle situations and mitigate our issues as a whole not an isolated event. Looking forward to a much brighter future.

Should you have any questions or concerns related to this matter please direct them to https://myportal.ocosa.net/submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=1


Otis L. Surratt, Jr.
OCOSA Communication, LLC

Saturday, August 30, 2014

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